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Automated Marketing

Automatic Marketing is a new style and method for customer attraction
and selling products. Actually marketing is a technique of advertising and
selling products along with ensuring the company’s credibility. All
businesses run due to effective planning and good strategy and that is
too possible because of a good marketing management. Direct Emails,
Face to Face Interactions and Billboards are the traditional ways of

For starting a business,there are some requirements. It includes:
● Business idea
● Investment
● Promotion strategy
● Customer attraction

We are living in the 21st century and that too has begun 20 years ago.
With the advance technology, every field of life has revolutionized. The
marketing strategy has also shown some advancement. Now the world
is shifting towards automated marketing, a new way to attract, engage
and satisfy the customers. Now the world has become very fast, there is
absolutely no need for a person to write an email and send it to the
customers one by one and manually. All you have to do is to buy a
software, set up your (to do it) task and command it to send emails or
notifications to targeted audiences.

Basis of Marketing Automation :

Automatic Marketing is simply the use of technology to engage the
people using a software with minimum human involvement and to
reduce the human error. It is also important in lead scoring and lead
nurturing because with the automation and use of technology, a
company can increase its sales, interactions, attractions and of course
income. Lead nurturing always attracts the customers and without
automation this is really a difficult task. Nowadays, Automatic Marketing
depends upon lead scoring and lead nurturing and that depends upon

Lead generation is the basis of marketing. Lead generation is simply the
art of attracting customers, addressing their needs and convincing them
to buy the product. Through traditional ways, it is really a time taken
task. Also it requires to be fully aware about the interest of the customer,
scope of product in the market and need of a person for the product.
Sometimes, it is hard to overcome all these challenges and ultimately
the product fails in the market. This whole process of marketing has now
become feasible due to advancement in the technology. It has a great
impact on all businesses and revolutionised the field of marketing.


Let us have a scenario that if you are a medical expert like dietitian or
nutritionist and you have a social media page or website whose
subscribers are some hundred people and you want to engage them
effectively and efficiently, all you need to do is make a group of them that
are eager to know about their diet plan and setup your software system
so that they get email alerts each day at a specific time. If you are a
language expert and you are running a page of a language course, let’s
say it’s ank English course and some Chinese people want to learn
English and are ready to pay for it. You can arrange the system so that
on day 1 they get notification of the basics of English language. On day
2 they get email updates about some nouns and verbs and so on.
Traditionally some other methods are used even nowadays like direct
email which is very time consuming and less efficient. Through
automatic marketing you can set reminders for yourself as well as for the
customers. Email marketing strategy is now proved to be one of the best
strategies in the business field as it helps you to engage with people
easily. You can also check the content liked by the people or the most
viewed content so that you make groups of people having common
interest and automatically arrange the required content for them. A
customer is treated as God in some businesses. Even some brilliant
minded marketing managers think that it is actually the marketing
strategy that makes a customer feel about his needs. It is the art of
marketing that tells a person what to buy.

Automated Marketing in Small Business

Small businesses always have great potential to attract the local
audience and even with a good marketing technique they can even
catch the attention of international masses. A small business like
catering service, bakery items or grocery stores have a specific mass
attraction in terms of services these businesses do offer, but with good
marketing and automatic marketing strategy and planning, they can get
attention from a large number of people. Using social media applications
like Facebook and online advertisement with some catchy slogans, they
can expand their business and also promote their products. Actually
small business is all about its advertisement and promotion. Greater is
the popularity among masses,the more successful business it is.
Billboards are the traditional ways of advertising your products and even
ad printing. But this culture has been changed a lot by transformation
into digital marketing.” That was then,this is now” is the true explanation
of digital and automatic marketing.

Advantages of Automatic Marketing

The automation in the marketing sectors has a lot of benefits along with
a few disadvantages. Some of the benefits are:

● Easier Interaction
● Revenue Generation
● Targeted People
● Less Human Involvement
● Less Chance of Error
● Customer Satisfaction
● A Physiological Impact

Interaction with the people is a key to success of a successful business.
Easier the interaction, more is the engagement with the masses.

Revenue Increase
As with the increased customer attraction and interaction, more is the
potential for your business to expand. So your revenue will also be
increased. With a small budget and small staff your business flourishes
excellently. Increase in revenue is the main goal of a company.

Targeted People
There is no need to give your services to unwanted and uninterested
people. With the automation, you have to interact with a targeted
audience that saves you from mental fatigue. All you need to do is to
make separate channels and put them on robotic servers and your work
will continue periodically.

With use of software technology, there is minimum human involvement
that minimises the chance of an error. You don’t need to worry about
your brand promotion. With use of technology, all advertisement and
promotion is only one click away. Efficient work always draws the
attention of the clients.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is the most important thing in business and that is
also the most difficult part because a customer may not be aware of all
the features or the uses of a product. So with automatic marketing your
engagement with the customer is increased and helps you to please and
satisfy him.

Physiological Effect
Technology has a physiological impact on people’s minds. As a
customer, one feels attraction in using new technology and prefers you
over others due to this feature. Thus it will help you alot in your brand
promotion. Innovative ideas have always been popular in society. Catchy
and attractive slogans always gain the attention of the audience. That’s
why companies tend to hire creative brains for these slogans. Telecom
industry always flourishes because of its media strategy, brand
promotion and quality of service. Even a company with average service
quality also earns money due to its media strategy.

Disadvantages of Marketing Automation

Technology always has a few disadvantages. Some of the
disadvantages of Automation of the marketing field are:

● Unemployment
● Investment
● Failed Strategy
● Complicated and Tangled

Unemployment is a worldwide issue. In many countries of the world, the
unemployment rate is increasing day by day. Including many factors like
population increase and less job opportunities, use of artificial
intelligence is also a major cause of it. If duties of labour is distributed
among 6 people and with artificial intelligence that work is done by a
software system alone, obviously there is no need for 6 people at work.
This simply increases the unemployment rate.

Expensive System
There is a disadvantage of automation that you have to buy a software
system and that costs too much. You need to have enough money in
order to set up your company, buy that system and also manage to meet
your company’s expenses. It is like an investment without the guarantee
of the cost recovery.

Poor Strategy
Many a time, the business fails due to poor marketing strategy and less
efficient automation of the system. A key reason behind this failure is
mismanagement and lack of knowledge. Also many people in the world
are not fully aware of use of technology, therefore a major chunk is not
available as a customer.

Automatic Marketing has several complications and the process is even
tangled. You need to have expertise in using technology plus the
customer and the masses should also have complete knowledge of it.
Complicated methods are always difficult to adopt and therefore
companies always tend to make the selling process easier so as to earn
a good reputation.


Thus technology has a great role in our daily life. We use a lot of
products of advanced technology. Nowadays all of us are somehow
relying on science and technology. From business tycoons to
entrepreneurs, all are using the art of modern day science to do their
work effectively and efficiently. We must use it for the development of
our society, to do our work easily, to make our lifestyle luxurious and
also lead others. The future is of the one who will be successful in using
the technology.

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